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bakhtar petrochemical

Bakhtar Petrochemical

Bakhtar Petrochemical Company (BPC), established in 2005, operates under the umbrella of Bakhtar Commercial Company (BCCO), which is the exclusive representative for BPC's sales and marketing efforts both domestically and internationally. The holding encompasses an engineering company, BCCO, and ten subsidiary production plants. BPC is a key player in the petrochemical industry, focusing on the production and distribution of various polyethylene products.

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40 Falahzadeh Boulevard, 5th Floor, Punak Intersection, Ashrafi Esfahani Highway, Tehran

 Historical Insight

Since its inception, Bakhtar Petrochemical Company has expanded its operations to include a wide range of subsidiary companies, each specializing in different aspects of petrochemical production. The company has strategically positioned itself to leverage the abundant petrochemical resources of Iran, enhancing its footprint in both local and international markets. BPC’s growth strategy includes continuous investment in technology and capacity expansion to meet the increasing demand for petrochemical products.


BPC and its subsidiaries produce a diverse array of polyethylene products, primarily:

  • HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene): Used in applications requiring high tensile strength and rigidity, such as in the manufacturing of pipes, containers, and plastic lumber.

  • LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene): Known for its flexibility and moldability, used in film applications, bags, and containers.

  • LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene): Combines the properties of LDPE and HDPE, making it ideal for stretch film, plastic wraps, and flexible tubing.

These products are crucial for various sectors, including packaging, construction, and agriculture. Bakhtar Petrochemical Company utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure these products meet high standards of quality and sustainability, catering to a growing global demand.

How to Order

Like all governmental petrochemical plants, BAKHTAR Petrochemical Company provides pricing and export conditions exclusively to registered legal entities that are listed on an approved vendor list. Oxizan, as an authorized supplier, can facilitate the process of purchasing and supplying directly from BAKHTAR on behalf of its customers.You can see Live price list of OXIZAN . To place your order, please contact our sales department directly or complete the form below to receive the latest pricing updates for BAKHTAR petrochemical Company’s Polyethylene products.

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