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shazand petrochemical

SHAZAND Petrochemical

Established in 1993, Shazand Petrochemical Company is a leading producer of plastics, synthetic rubber, and other chemical products from naphtha. Located in Arak, Iran, the complex boasts a production capacity of 620,000 tons annually, utilizing advanced technology to meet international standards.

Shazand area


22nd Km of Borujred Rd., Arak -Iran

 Historical Insight

Shazand Petrochemical Company was developed to enhance Iran’s petrochemical capabilities, focusing on high-grade polymers and chemicals. The company has consistently expanded its technological base and production capacity to cater to both local and global markets. Achieving certifications like ISO 90001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 underscores its commitment to quality and environmental standards.


The product range of Shazand Petrochemical includes:

  • HDPE CRP100BLACK: High-density polyethylene used in various applications.

  • LLDPE 209AA: Linear low-density polyethylene for strong, flexible plastics.

  • MEG (Monoethylene Glycol): Used in polyester production and as an antifreeze.

  • Diethanolamine 99%: Utilized in detergents and cosmetics.

  • VAM (Vinyl Acetate Monomer): A key ingredient in paint, adhesives, and coatings.

These products serve a wide array of industries including manufacturing, packaging, and construction, reflecting the company's significant role in the petrochemical sector.

How to Order

Like all governmental petrochemical plants, SHAZAND Petrochemical Company provides pricing and export conditions exclusively to registered legal entities that are listed on an approved vendor list. Oxizan, as an authorized supplier, can facilitate the process of purchasing and supplying directly from SHAZAND on behalf of its customers.You can Live petrochemical product price list of OXIZAN . To place your order, please contact our sales department directly or complete the form below to receive the latest pricing updates for SHAZAND petrochemical Company’s Polyethylene products.

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