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shiraz petrochemical


Founded in 1959, Shiraz Petrochemical Company is a key industry player, producing 1,850,000 tons of chemicals and petrochemicals annually. Located in Tehran, Iran, the company utilizes local natural resources, including natural gas, limestone, and salt, sourced from adjacent areas. Its products serve various sectors, including agriculture, construction, and manufacturing.

shiraz petrochemical area


No.11 - Alley 25 - Ebne Sina Ave. -Yusef Abad - Tehran - Iran

 Historical Insight

Shiraz Petrochemical began operations with a vision to fulfill Iran’s fertilizer needs, starting with an initial capital of about 400 million US dollars. Over the years, the company has significantly expanded its production capabilities and product offerings, adapting to the evolving needs of the global market and advances in technology. This growth trajectory has established it as a foundational pillar in Iran’s industrial landscape.


Shiraz Petrochemical produces a wide range of essential chemicals and petrochemicals:

  • Argon: Used in metal fabrication and welding.

  • Ammonia and Ammonium Nitrate: Key ingredients in agricultural fertilizers and industrial explosives.

  • Urea (Granular and Pilled): A nitrogen-rich fertilizer crucial for modern agriculture.

  • Nitric Acid: Used in the production of fertilizers and various industrial processes.

  • Methanol: A solvent essential in the manufacture of formaldehyde and other industrial applications.

These products are integral to multiple industries, emphasizing the company's role in supporting diverse industrial applications globally.

How to Order

Like all governmental petrochemical plants, SHIRAZ Petrochemical Company provides pricing and export conditions exclusively to registered legal entities that are listed on an approved vendor list. Oxizan, as an authorized supplier, can facilitate the process of purchasing and supplying directly from SHIRAZ on behalf of its customers.You can see live price list of OXIZAN . To place your order, please contact our sales department directly or complete the form below to receive the latest pricing updates for SHIRAZ petrochemical Company’s Polyethylene products.

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